Throughout the design and development of appliances, our designers and engineers kept one key idea central: what is best for the customer? Because, as CAN says, “Any good design is the optimum mix of what a customer benefits from and what’s possible. You can’t have one without the other.” As well as improving the process of product development, the TRAGEN team remained focused on the ethos of their design considerations as well.

Throughout every stage of the product development process, customer requirements are the touch points for every design and innovation development, and success is judged on meeting – and exceeding – what a customer needs and wants.

Assembly Line

Tragen (ESALBA Global) produces built-in appliances for the kitchens from raw materials to completed appliance-with great precision and future-looking manufacturing techniques on a site of 25,000 m². Premium Turkish Quality is applied everywhere to ensure that Tragen appliances have particularly long lives and operate reliably. The modern systems have made it possible for us to have energy consumption of every appliance over the last few years. Wherever possible, we use recyclable materials and actively ensure proper disposal. Our suppliers are carefully selected, with quality and environmental considerations being taken into account alongside price.