Throughout the design and development of appliances, our designers and engineers kept one key idea central: what is best for the customer? Because, as CAN says, “Any good design is the optimum mix of what a customer benefits from and what’s possible. You can’t have one without the other.” As well as improving the process of product development, the TRAGEN team remained focused on the ethos of their design considerations as well.

Throughout every stage of the product development process, customer requirements are the touch points for every design and innovation development, and success is judged on meeting – and exceeding – what a customer needs and wants.


We are curious about people. How they live, where they live, what they do and how they use things. This is where hidden insights wait to be uncovered. We are curious not only with the function and performance of our products but with the emotional role they play in peoples lives. For us, design is not a self-serving goal; it is a human endeavor to make life better. Continuous innovation is part of the Tragen (ESALBA Global) design philosophy.

We live in a designed world and we believe everybody deserves good design. The ongoing collaboration between design engineers and customers has changed the course of appliance design for us as a company and for those who use our products day in and day out. Our future will be built on fostering this spirit of collaboration and curiosity.
Innovation comes from curiosity. By understanding our partners – the way people use kitchens and appliances, how they cook and eat – we have discovered insights that have made us rethink how to design appliances. We also know that we need to think about the entire context of the appliance. We study trends and developments in the house and kitchen design as a whole so that our appliances fit into and respond to the changing environment of the modern kitchen. As a premium brand, the quality of the details in our appliance is significant. From using high quality metals and glass to the careful weighting of a dial, we focus on creating a tactile sense of premium cues at every touchpoint.