124th Canton Fair in Guangzou

Dear Valued Partner; We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at 124th Canton Fair in Guangzou China between 15th-19th October 2018 . Tragen  will showcase the full product range and new models in exhibition for your appreciation. Please refer to the information as below; Hall  No : 5.2 Booth No : A03-04 For…


Gas Hobs with Flame-Pick  technology by TRAGEN

New  Gas hobs with Flame-Pick  and its innovative gas valve technology lets you regulate the gas output precisely and noticeably in power levels from 1 to 9.

This helps you always to get perfect results to make your cooking with gas as easy, safe and enjoyable as possible.

New nova model

New  Nova model is an innovative gas on glass hob available in black glass, white glass and  grey glass finishes. The Nova is a  built-in hob , with Tragen’s new  cast ıron fixing technology


NIMBUS is the perfect combination of usability , high performanca and  unique design  object , that improves air quality in the kitchen.

NIMBUS hoods improved with new  air purification systems that ensure maximum suction and filtering performance, silence and energy efficiency.

Available in white glass/inox frame , black glass/ inox frame.

Assembly line

Tragen(ESALBA Global) produces built-in appliances for the kitchen from raw materials to completed appliance – with great precision and future-looking manufacturing techniques on a site of 25,000sqm. Premium Turkish Quality is applied everywhere to ensure that Tragen appliances have particularly long lives and operate reliably. The modern systems have made it possible for us to…

Powder Coating

Our powder paint plant have three separate powder paint cabin that has high conveyor speed and allows three separate colors to be used in short adjustment span. The risk of dust formation under or over the paint is minimized by insulating the part via closed cabins which isolated from external environment during the painting process…

Quality Department

Quality Control department is the biggest management department of our factory. We have more than 210 people and divided via separated departments: IQC, IPQC, OQC, Testing lab, ISO commissioner, QE engineer… Our quality control procedures are conducted by following steps: 1. IQC : All in-coming materials & components are inspected by IQC. Only qualified materials…

In-house Sensitive Mold Production

A new feature that yields an effective benefit for our customers is an advance that helps us too. We constantly strive to make our appliances more practical and efficient, greener and easier to install. We’re not interested in gags or gimmicks that are not needed or represent transient aesthetics. We do research and development for…

Dea Alpha–3 Dimensioned Measure Device

Our CMM device that has the ability of measure in 2000x3300x1000 mm maximum coordinates is able to execute CAD++ comparative measurement and crosshatching operations. Measurements can be executed online/offline with PCDMIS v4.2 software. Via motorized head that has armed with 3D starching and Continuous Servo wrist options, all kind of sphere and cylindrical probes are…

Progressive production

High-quality Built-in Kitchen Appliances Made in TURKEY. Production in Tragen’s (ESALBA Global) Eskisehir factory is realised with cutting-edge production lines, in-house metal working and highly qualified staff. The result: successful products – such as INOX (Stainless Steel) and Glass (Gas on Glass) Hobs.