About Us

Esalba Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer of built-in kitchen appliances in Turkey. Tragen is Sales Office and Brand Name of Esalba Inc. The company has been manufacturing metal parts and subcontractor of house-hold appliances for more than 70 years in 42.000 m2 open and 12.000 m2 closed factory area with 30.000 ton flat metal sheet/year capacity . Since 2009, company focuses and shifts core business line to production of innovative and high quality appliances in particular, built-in ovens, hobs and cooker hoods. Our aim is to be a manufacturer: innovative, fast responding, fast fullfilling of market needs on relatively upper segments of built-in ovens, hobs and cooker hoods within changing market demands.

Our mission;  With our experience in otomotive and metal part sector, to make the TRAGEN first-preferred brand for built-in hob OEM  ( original equipment manufacturer ) and ODM ( original design manufacturer ) in worldwide.

Our vision; With the acquisition of Esalba and high quality standarts , to make OEM  ( original equipment manufacturer ) and ODM ( original design manufacturer ) for Built-in hobs.

Core volues :









Esalba Research & Development Center
This center will allow Esalba to expand its R & D activities, help it develop new and innovative home appliances and strengthen their position as one of the major OEM / ODM producers in the global market.

Our aim is, by maintaining communication among those two social units try to hand down our cultural heritage to next generations to make them achieve benefit from this richness if they want to, create “solidarist”, “recycling” and “Sharing” environment and while achieving this make use of our villages and keep them alive. Our other aim is initiate a project which has reproduction feature. By this way, being a good example project for hundreds of abundant villages of Anatolia, both preserving our cultural heritage and increasing cultural tourism revenues fashion around the world.

Quality & Certification

The following fifteen principles provide a sound basis for good Engineering and product development:

. Quality is a must – TQM approach
. A bias for cycle time reduction
. A bias for innovation
. Coherent vision, strategy, plan and metrics
. A product-family oriented Business Unit
. Listening to the Voice of the Customer
. A clearly defined and well-organized development process
. Cross-functional product development teams

. Supplier involvement early in the development process
. A development methodology
. Highly skilled, well-trained people
. Computer Aided Design systems
. Digital product models controlled by EDM and PDM systems
. Simulation and rapid prototyping
. Best practice techniques.